No compromises at BLACK BOX GALLERY®

A limited and framed art print from the BLACK BOX GALLERY® is far more than just a picture on the wall. The photograph may tell a story or convey impressions & feelings. It can inspire you to think or just simply linger. It can provide joy, time and time again. It can allow us to find out more about ourselves or even get to know someone different. And last but not least, the photograph can in fact be an investment as a result of its exclusivity and strictly limited editions.

Every single one of these thoughts is reason enough for us at the BLACK BOX GALLERY® to not compromise on quality at all. With the presentation, frames and limited fine art prints we strive for sustainability, as does the photograph itself.

Exclusive & very elegant appearance as well as high-quality products above all are the norm with a framed BLACK BOX GALLERY® fine art print. Just like with the frame, mutual dialogue with the photographer is the basic prerequisite at the BLACK BOX GALLERY® and the essence of our claim when selecting the art print paper.

Fine Art Print on Hahnemühle


Quality not quantity is the Hahnemühle paper manufactory’s passion. The best raw materials, craftsmanship skills, a lot of handicraft and a co-operative relationship with their customers make for the excellent and internationally acclaimed quality of the Hahnemühle products.

For centuries now, papers characterised by the ‘Rooster’ have been used by artists or as reliable media for technical applications. The German paper producer’s innovation power resulted in the invention of the “FineArt Inkjet Papers”. Hahnemühle is the pioneer in this area and remains the world leading provider of fine-art inkjet papers today.

Painters, graphic artists and designers, illustrators, printers, photographers, advertising experts, archivists, bookbinders, art students, scientists, engineers and lab assistants and of course the BLACK BOX GALLERY® too all use papers by Hahnemühle. For each of them, paper is a natural working appliance that has to meet high standards for different reasons. Hahnemühle papers emphasise the features when it comes to photography, art and fine-art printing and deliver reliable results in the technical area.


The result of the paper producer’s tradition and quality-conscious work delights Hahnemühle fans worldwide, no matter if they are dealing creatively with artist papers or using technical speciality papers for complex research and industry applications.


For the sake of the environment


Clean water and natural fibres have been the foundation of Hahnemühle’s success for more than 430 years. The fine papers are unthinkable without these precursors. At the BLACK BOX GALLERY® we are just as committed to the environment which is why we rely on the quality products from Hahnemühle.

Gallery-Frames by Nielsen


The best materials and technical expertise define Nielsen’s “made in Germany” commitment to quality. Certified processing standards in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 guarantee outstanding product quality. Material, design and technology alone are not a quality guarantee. It’s the people at Nielsen who ensure the high quality standard and a service that sets the benchmark in the industry.


“The most important thing in art is the frame.” by Frank Zappa


BLACK BOX GALLERY®, together with its producers, therefore focuses on an all-round high-quality, strictly limited and unique product for the highest demands.


The special feature:
The BLACK BOX GALLERY® Black Edition and White Edition frames are not off the shelf. We have a special series of quality wooden gallery frames customised in consultation with the photographers. A fine spacer between the high-quality float glass and your Hahnemühle art print creates depth in the room and gives the motif a really special effect.

Guarantee & honesty are important to us


At the BLACK BOX GALLERY® we place great importance on providing you with a guarantee. All art prints are provided with a numbered and signed label on the back to verify the authenticity of our photographers’ limited art prints and guarantee the strictly limited edition. You can find the motif’s title, the photographer’s name and the edition number on this label. A certificate of authenticity with watermark and the photographer’s signature is also enclosed for you with your art print.


As additional verification, the certificate of authenticity and art print are provided with a quality seal and consecutive serial number. We therefore guarantee the exclusivity of our art prints and you can query the authenticity of the photograph with us at any time.