A photographer for the essentials

A FOREWORD – written by Alexander von Wiedenbeck


The moments are fading faster and the supermodels are gone. We are losing the truth with the knowledge that this madness has method. In the bling ring world with the circumstances of the 21st century, people run into the risk to forget what it is about… to forget about the essentials! At the end, there‘s just one possible conclusion – revolution! A revolution like Diana Vreeland brought about the 60s and Anna Wintour about the 90s!


The world is in desperate need to bring back the soul, hope & love in it. Feelings and emotions can be made visible, that truth is unique and different versions of it are at best bold claims or mistruths. Having attention for the right moment, not missing the essential, the moment that could change everything! Thereby it never has to be perfect at all, photography is something for heart, brain and gut, a witness of our own sensation of the reality within the moment – the essential.



“People work much in order to secure the future, I gave my mind much work
and trouble, trying to secure the past“

Isak Dinesen (1886-1962)

THE PREVOLUTION – first stept / wrong way


As a child of the early 1980s, Alexander von Wiedenbeck was undoubtedly born 30 years too early or 30 years too late. Supposedly too young to celebrate the once glamorous era of photography and yet too old to come to terms with today’s developments in photography. He is an analogue player in a digital world.


But let’s go back to the beginning. The desire to pursue a creative purpose in life grew in Alexander von Wiedenbeck at a very young age. It was his wish to create something “real”. But as is so often the case in life, he was to lose sight of this path. Having gone training a technical and commercial apprenticeship, his professional career finally took him into the world of media in a round about way after studying when he founded an advertising agency in 2004.


Dazzled by the creative options on offer to him at the beginning, the magic faded with the years though and he realised that he was just a puppet of the consumer society. Selling untruths, presenting facts differently to what they actually are, that was his daily bread a lot of times. His clientèle was “bien sur” very high class and his agency’s client base included reputable international brands. But the bigger the budget the more it resembled a kind of prostitution and his personal fulfilment was increasingly overshadowed by the slavery of his services.



“Maybe the loneliness shaped my awareness!“
Alexander von Wiedenbeck



THE REVOLUTION – 400 years / one golden thread


Out of the dark, it was time to consciously live life again, to limit himself to the essentials and to pursue his dreams, whatever the cost. And so Alexander left everything behind him in 2012 and started his first independent production of the Obsession for Freedom photo book, which bridged emotional portraits and unretouched fashion shots that looked more like casual street photography. It was a kind of “revolution back to the old values” for him. In doing so, he limited himself exclusively to black and white photography for the first time, which as he says himself, actually limits the images and emotions to just the essentials. To that what his dreams always aspired to – something “real”.


At the time, he did not realize that fashion was playing a much bigger role in his life than he thought. The family tree of the Wiedenbecks, which dates back to the year 1634, is diversified over the decades and the family is distributed around the world. However, one aspect of the family chronicle runs through the centuries in the various paths of the family tree, namely the profession of the fashion tailor. So it was probably destiny that in the middle of his life, in the search for his self-realization, he (at first) moved into the field of fashion photography.


Alexander once called it “a leap into uncertainty”, which you can undoubtedly agree with him on. But this newly achieved freedom, the escape from the prostitution that had bound him, is an infinitely precious gift that it is worth striving for. And as a result, he can look back on lots of these independent creative productions today. Whether it’s an advertising campaign, a magazine editorial, or a simple and unique portrait, in every case he has expressed what drives him – the essentials.



“Kunst = Mensch = Kreativität = Freiheit“
Joseph Heinrich Beuys (1921-1986)



THE EVOLUTION – Status Quo / Status Futura


Over the years and the countless photo productions with great artists, actresses, singers and musicians from Hong Kong, Paris to New York and Los Angeles, the world has given much good to Alexander. He has experienced intense moments and the discovery of himself and his passion for real photography has given him exciting paths to magical places, making him a great and unique experience. Driven by incredibly gratitude for his life, the idea grewed up to give something back to the world, to return the favor. But how, where and above all with whom? So I wrote to ten German aid organizations and offered my support and more importantly presented my vision of a pioneering social responsibility project within the photography industry. Following numerous talks, considerations and after comparing the brutal facts I then chose the “Aktionsgruppe Kinder in Not e.V.” from Windhagen with its projects on the Philippines. Children living in cemeteries, rubbish dumps, forced child prostitution were concepts that had stopped me in my tracks and moved me to start here.


In 2015, he travelled to the Philippines together with the “Aktionsgruppe Kinder in Not e.V.” aid organisation to visit the children living in cemeteries and on rubbish dumps there and take portraits of them. This series resulted in a touring exhibition where all the proceeds from the sales of exhibits and the exhibition catalogue were donated to those projects on the Philippines where the photographs were actually taken. Until today, numerous aid projects have been implemented from these proceeds such as the construction of several water fountains for the water supply, as well as the construction of a small school & health center in which over 200 infants are taught. Recently, a complete pre-school in Cebu City at the Philippines has been funded from recent sales of his photographs to finance the entire 2018 school year.



“They opened my heart, much more I ever thought it could be“
Alexander von Wiedenbeck



But this project should not be insignificant on his future life. Back in the Western world, in the midst of Show & Shine and an oversupply of material consumer goods, it was hard for him to overlook the omnipresent superficiality.


In the same year, just after his trip to the Philippines, he was also involved in another transnational project by the international CARE aid organisation, which works on empowering women in Nepal, Uganda and Ethiopia. Alexander saw a significant link to his actual genre, portrait & fashion photography, in the women’s rights issues, as the respect and rights of female players is still an issue even in the Western world. It therefore simply seemed consistent with his own world view to get involved here. The resulting photographs are now being incorporated into publications on the issue of women’s rights and will be displayed at numerous charity exhibitions arranged by the aid organisation. Also, already since 2016, his photographs of the women empowerment found their way into the annual european issue oft he CARE calendar. The proceeds also flow into these aid projects.


In the following years, Alexander became increasingly involved in photography reportages for aid organisations, gaining important insights into his own world view, as well as about himself and his personality. The center of his creative work has shifted even more to the essentials of what drives us all – the hope, the love, the happiness and the strength to aspire to what we deeply desire inside!


Today, in his mid-30s, Alexander von Wiedenbeck has reinvented himself so often to finally end up where he is now – in the midst of life. Having finally found personal fulfilment and the photography that he once was supposedly too young for. Capturing genuine, authentic moments that celebrate “real” photography, regardless of today’s modern and yet bedazzled understanding of the same, he does exclusively what his heart desires – he photographs the essentials!