We define our own aspiration

Is that art or can it go away? A satire that has far more truth than it initially suggests. Because what is art? While the one “art connoisseurs” highly praise and celebrate an abstract or expressionistic work in the sky, the technically accomplished perfectionist shakes his head in front of the same picture and wonders about the craftsmanship. The understanding of art has always been very different in society. There are those who see artistic and craft skills first and foremost, and there are those who want to lose themselves emotionally and mentally in one work, without paying attention to the perfection and skill of the artist.

Well, we at BLACK BOX GALLERY® have devoted ourselves to real photography without exception, and if we ignore painting as well as today’s digital painting in the form of composing and limit the photography to the essentials, we can undoubtedly stick to it, that photography is a witness of the times. It captures the real life and captures the moments, the impressions of life. At the same time, photography always tells the story of the moment.

Whether these photographs now fulfill the artistic or technical claim is second to us, because the story behind the photograph is the past irretrievable moment, which interests us and it is exactly what we write big on our flags, to share those stories with the world.

“The moments we live to see, the people we meet, all of this is a lifelong process of experiences. It’s a combination of culture, lifestyle and the impressions of life and they grow and grow and grow, with every day!”

Alexander von Wiedenbeck

For the founder of BLACK BOX GALLERY® and photographer Alexander von Wiedenbeck, there is no worse statement than when a viewer stands in front of one of his photographs and says, “that’s nice, here you can interpret so much IN!” Rather, he wants to tell a story with his captured moments, and whether its his own story or that of those people he portryed, it counts for only one important aspect, namely, that the viewer can take something OUT!

He lives for and loves photography and wants to share this with the world. Photographs tell stories, share unique moments or simply show the beauty and aesthetics of our world but even more than that, they make them accessible and tangible to anyone. That’s the premise, that’s the heart of the BLACK BOX GALLERY® and that’s what dealing in photographic art should be about.

“To collect photographs is to collect the world”
Susan Sontag

The trend away from stationary retail towards a digital and networked world has also long reached dealing in photographic art. A few pioneers have set up a fantastic concept that makes genuine photographic art accessible to the collector, investor, photo art enthusiast and in fact anyone. However, the pace at which online retail moves and the unlimited possibilities quickly encourage profit-based thinking and action and allow the most important thing of all to be forgotten – the essentials, what it’s actually all about – the story behind & the soul of the photograph. BLACK BOX GALLERY® is more than just an online platform for dealing in photographic art and has dedicated itself to precisely that which is usually overlooked nowadays. Authenticity, real values, honesty and above all the heart of our pursuit of interest, a love of photography. Remaining faithful to its DNA, restricting itself to the essentials, that’s the BLACK BOX GALLERY®.

BLACK BOX GALLERY® is not just…
… a photograph
… a frame
… a photographer

… a revolution of the invisible and the voice of the unheard
… more than just a link between the photographer and photography lovers
… the ultimate experience with photography that comes from the heart
… a deep bond that forms friendships
… being at one with photography, living it

That’s precisely why the BLACK BOX GALLERY® is committed to a revolution to find and promote these invisible, unheard-of and suppressed talents of our time. We want to find real photographers with a passion, not perfectionists committed to technology but real discoverers and story tellers and we want to be real discoverers, that’s what we do, that’s the BLACK BOX GALLERY®!