The essentials - less is more!

The heart & soul of BLACK BOX GALLERY® is the raw, true and authentic photography. No technically accomplished perfection, no realities distorted by image manipulation. Only the real moment, a captured and irretrievable one that tells a story – photography as a storyteller and the photographer as an explorer!

The core of all activities at BLACK BOX GALLERY® is the development, reproduction, procurement of orders, marketing and the presentation of these original real moments. These activities not only in-house, but also literally “on location” for friends and established publications and houses of photography.

The essential efforts of the BLACK BOX GALLERY® currently include exclusively all activities of the photographer Alexander von Wiedenbeck.

This status quo, however, remains unacceptable and allows in a kind of piracy to break the rules at any time – a special freedom in the striving of the BLACK BOX GALLERY® to constantly redefine itself … like a painting that never has the status of Perfection – a masterpiece !?